Since 1958 the VABT has been providing emergency financial assistance to those in the entertainment industry who, through poor health or ill fortune, find themselves with nowhere else to turn.

The VABT is a not-for-profit charity run by a committee of members who work within and outside of the entertainment industry. They generously give of their time to raise funds and provide financial assistance to those who call on the VABT in their time of need.

The VABT have an incredible team of volunteers who assist with bucket rattles and other fund raising events held throughout the year. Along with contributions from donors, the VABT has been able to continue this vital work for 60 years.

A message from our president

I have been the proud president of the Victorian Actors’ Benevolent Trust for seven years, plus had the privilege of being on the committee of management for nearly twenty five years. This wonderful charity was set up by our forebears in 1958 to help actors in need and through my time on this committee, the VABT has advanced to also assisting crew in need.

In our profession actors’ and crew’s employment is so unpredictable, transient and most of the time we are jumping from one project to another, with large gaps of unemployment in between.

We don’t accrue sick leave, holiday pay or superannuation to fall back on, so when someone in our community finds themselves in times of crisis or hardship, the VABT steps in to provide emergency financial assistance to those who, through poor health or ill fortune, find themselves with nowhere else to turn.

Actors and crew are always the first to put up their hands and donate their time for different charities, events or disasters but when they find themselves in times of need, they have nowhere else to turn, except the VABT.

The VABT committee of management is set up with fourteen dedicated volunteers and three trustees, who work tirelessly to raise money and awareness to the cause and there is nothing more humbling than to ring someone up and say “It’s ok, we are here to help take the financial strain away for your situation.” In that overwhelming moment, their relief is palpable and that is the magic of what we do. Our recipients vary from the young to the elderly but each request for assistance is treated with the upmost confidentiality and respect.

Our fundraising activities such as bucket rattles, events and joint productions enable us to raise much-needed funds. An essential part of our ability to assist those is the generosity of our supporters. When you make a donation to the VABT you will know that your money is helping those in the industry who most need assistance.

To continue the great work this charity does, you can help us is in two ways. You can assist with a financial donation by selecting our Donate button. Or click on our Volunteer button to become a “bucket rattler” collecting money after shows. This commitment may only be once or twice a year, taking an hour of your time.

Any help, large or small, would be greatly appreciated!

Warm regards

Sally-Anne Upton

President of the Victorian Actors’ Benevolent Trust

Since 1958 helping Cast & Crew in need!