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Join Our Fantastic Team of Dazzling Bucket Rattlers!

Bucket rattles are major fundraising opportunities for the VABT.  It is through the generosity of our Dazzling Bucket Rattlers who give their time to rattle our VABT buckets, that enables us to raise much needed funds. We rattle buckets at MTC , Malthouse,  Musicals plus many other shows/productions.

What is a Bucket Rattling?

  • It’s easy and it’s fun!
  • We meet 10 minutes before the curtain comes down
  • We put on our fabulous VABT hats, grab a bucket and gather outside the theatre doors
  • At the end of the performance, one of the cast members gives a rousing speech about the VABT and asks them to generously donate to our bucket rattle
  • It usually only takes about 30 minutes
  • You meet the most amazing people and it’s often a chance to catch up with friends
  • It is one of the most humbling experiences you will have

We are always in need of volunteers so if you would like to get involved, please contact us. Being on our email database means that as the need for Bucket Rattles arise for shows/productions, we will contact you and seek your kind assistance.

If you are able to help, sign up now!

And spread the word amongst your work colleagues, family, friends … VABT is seeking volunteers.

A small commitment of your time but your contribution brings huge rewards to those from the arts industry seeking emergency financial assistance.

Join up now!

Fill in your details below to join our VABT Volunteers mailing list and to hear about upcoming Bucket Rattles and other opportunities.