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If you have been diagnosed with the coronavirus (COVID-19) we may be able to provide additional assistance. Please complete the standard application form through the APPLY section of this website, or click below:

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The VABT provides emergency financial assistance to members of our community, who have suffered a health crisis. However, these are extraordinary times, and due to the impact of the coronavirus and subsequent government shut downs, we understand the devastating impact this has had on the arts community. As such, we have created the COVID-19 EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE FUND in order to provide immediate assistance to those within our industry in need.

Please know you are not alone at this difficult time.


Through this Emergency Fund we are able to provide eligible applicants with Food Vouchers to the value of $250. The use of Food Vouchers has been chosen to enable the widespread provision of immediate assistance and financial relief, regardless of locale within Victoria.


This Emergency Fund operates separately to the VABT’s ongoing program of assistance for those experiencing ill health or medical emergency. If you are experiencing either, or your circumstances are such that you require additional assistance, please fill in the standard application form through the APPLY section of this website.


This Fund has been established to provide assistance to Victorian based professional theatre, dance, circus, film and TV artists, creators and crew. The Fund has been designed to assist by way of quick financial relief, those within the industry who may be awaiting government payments or seeking replacement employment. Please note, priority will be given to applicants who are not eligible for/receiving payments via the Australian government’s JobKeeper scheme. If you are in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to apply.

For information on Benevolent Funds providing assistance in other Australian states, please see our Apply page. For information on assistance available to Australian musicians, please see


The VABT has endeavoured to make the application process as straight-forward as possible. As such, applications are via a simple online form, below. Within the application below, you will be asked to provide evidence of your professional involvement in the entertainment industry. This can be a copy of your CV or even a link to your Showcast or IMDB page.


Each application is individually assessed by the VABT’s volunteer Committee of Management. Further information on the Committee and its members is available here. Submissions are assessed to ensure applicants are Victorian based and have been professionally engaged within the entertainment industry; through theatre, dance, circus, film or TV. Consideration is taken in regards to an applicant’s access to government assistance, with priority given to applicants who are not eligible for/receiving payments via the Australian government’s JobKeeper scheme. The Fund is able to assist those currently receiving JobSeeker payments.

Due to the challenges faced by our community in this crisis, the Committee is assessing all applications for COVID-19 Assistance on a weekly basis. Eligible applicants will be contacted via email.

It is important you know that all matters referred here are strictly confidential.


Yes. If you know someone who may be in need of assistance, please encourage them to apply. Alternatively, you may apply on their behalf; however, please note, the VABT will be required to confidentially reach out to them.


Before we can assess your request, please fill out the form below.

  • The VABT assists members of the profession on a private and confidential basis. While we are happy for you to share publicly (if you so wish) that you have been given support by the VABT, it is a condition of assistance that you likewise maintain confidentiality about the specific reason you needed assistance or what sort of assistance was given.  
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