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Au Revoir to Vice President Kevin Harrington

By March 16, 2017February 9th, 2021News

Au Revoir to Vice President Kevin Harrington

The Victorian Actors’ Benevolent Trust must sadly, but supportively, say ‘Au revoir’ to our darling Vice President Kevin Harrington, who has resigned from the committee after close to 25 years of service. The committee knows it was an extremely hard decision for Kevin to make, after giving an unwavering long term commitment to the arts community, and so we wish him well ‘until we meet again’. Sal Upton President of the VABT said to Kevin at his decision, “there will always be a place on this committee for someone as dedicated and as lovely as you”.

You have helped raise thousands and thousands of dollars to assist cast and crew in need, plus in the process helped raise awareness of the VABT and our work. You have been a loving ear, holding your hand out and keeping good council to all who needed help.

We thank you for your professionalism, guidance, dedication and your unwavering love you have shown to our organisation, volunteering your time for nearly a quarter of a century. What an achievement. BRAVO!

Yours Sincerely 

Sally-Anne Upton

President of The Victorian Actors’ Benevolent Trust 

Since 1958 the VABT has been helping Actors and Crew in need!