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By September 25, 2017January 11th, 2022Events


Wentworth fans from all over the world are set to go into a frenzy when we release exclusive life-size, signed posters of stars Pamela Rabe (The FREAK-Joan Ferguson) and Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett- Vinegar Tits).

These one off prints will go under the eBay hammer at 8pm on Sunday 1st October 2017, 8pm eastern standard time, with seven a day auction.

The Wentworth make-up department have also donated a framed set of Lucy Gambaro’s AKA Juicy Lucy’s tattoos, accompanied by a signed photo of the star herself, Sally-Anne Upton.

All monies raised will be donated to the Victorian Actors’ Benevolent Trust (VABT), of which Sally-Anne Upton has been President for the past eight years, and a committee member for 25 years.

Ms Upton says, “This wonderful charity was set up by our forebears in 1958 to help actors in need and through my time on this committee, the VABT has advanced to also assisting crew in need. In our profession, actors’ and crew’s employment is so unpredictable, transient and most of the time we are jumping from one project to another, with large gaps of unemployment in between.

We don’t accrue sick leave, holiday pay or superannuation to fall back on, so when someone in our community finds themselves in times of crisis or hardship, the VABT steps in to provide emergency financial assistance to those who, through poor health or ill fortune, find themselves with nowhere else to turn.”

Actors and crew are always the first to put up their hands and donate their time for different charities, events or disasters but when they find themselves in times of need, they have nowhere else to turn, except the VABT.

Fans will be able to make their bids at EBAY vabtcharity

Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett- Vinegar Tits) Ebay Item NO: Bid For Kate/Vera

Starts: 01/10/17 at 20:00

Pamela Rabe (The FREAK-Joan Ferguson) Ebay Item NO: Bid For Pamela/The FREAK

Starts: 01/10/17 at 20:15

Sally-Anne Upton LUCY GAMBARO (JUICY LUCY) Ebay Item NO: Bid For Sally/Lucy

Starts: 01/10/17 at 20:30:50

Contact: Sally-Anne Upton

President of the Victorian Actors Benevolent Trust

Since 1958 helping Cast & Crew in need!